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After having taught engineering students for many years, I started analyzing the factors that goes behind the performance of students. I personally feel that some factors have very strong relationship with academic performance of students.
Personally I feel that the study habit is the pattern of behavior adopted by students in the pursuit of their studies that serves as the vehicle of learning. It is the degree to which the student engages in regular acts of studying that are characterized by appropriate studying routines (e.g. reviews of material, frequency of studying sessions, etc.) occurring in an environment that is conducive to studying. Study attitudes, on the other hand, refers to a student’s positive attitude toward the specific act of studying and the student’s acceptance and approval of the broader goals of college education. In short, study habits and attitudes of students are determined through their time management ability, work methods, attitudes toward teachers and acceptance of education.
Students who have difficulty in college frequently do not have adequate study habits that affect their academic achievement. High-achieving students had a more positive attitude toward study in that they detected and reacted positively to the favorable aspects of the situation they found themselves in, while the low-achieving students tended to be fault-finders, reacting to the negative aspects of study such as distractions and minor annoyances. The high-achieving students found tertiary work an interesting challenge, accepted the restrictions and conformed to the demands made upon them more readily, while the low achievers appeared to lack high-level motivation. The more successful group was also found to be more realistic in their assessment of those situations which were highly relevant to achievement, such as discipline and work priorities, and they were better organized in both their work and leisure activities.
In terms of attitude towards teachers, the high achievers generally have a positive attitude towards teachers. For instance, as compared to low achievers, the high achievers more often say that their teachers are competent, impartial, and interested in their duties.
Kindly comment on the observations made.



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